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Poorly Escort Needs Help,throttle Housing On Ecu???

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Hi everyone,my name is Lana & im new to the site...im having a few problems with my 1998 ® ford escort 1.8 gti.

It has recently passed its m.o.t & had a full service including gear box oil change.When i start it up it ticks over at around 900/1000 rpm but like all escorts it breathes so the needle does fluctuate.

My son recently changed the idle speed control valve as the car was up & down on the revs without me touching the excellerator,this seemed to solve my problems up until the service was done.

My problem now is in the morning when i start it up (warmed up) & try to pull off,the car seems to have no power in 1st gear (feels like holding back) 2nd gear it jumps & judders like its running on kangeroo juice (excuse the pun) 3rd gear taking it nice and slow seems fine,but on excelleration will jump & judder again...after a while it seems to settle down & clear itself & it runs fine.I have once experienced this in 5th gear trying to excellerate up from 60mph on the motorway & it frightened the life out of me.

Someone suggested it could be the throttle housing on the ecu...remember guys im female & really dont know too much about these things.Before going out and spending fortunes on a new one i thought id ask your advice first....

My son is learning mechanics & knows a few things about cars,he is good at taking bits off & replacing them but still has a few problems diagnosing faults.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...thank you in advance

Lana x

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Throttle housing on ECU?

ECU is and electronic brain located in the passenger footwell so nothing to do with a throttle housing.

Sounds to me like it could be a Llambda sensor playing up or a coil pack breaking down

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