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Front Windscreen Wipers Intermittantly Not Working


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I have an 09 reg Ford Ka, which has so far passed all MOTs and has had no problems. Recently (in the past 2 weeks or so) the front windscreen wipers have started to work strangely. Sometimes when I start the car and turn the windscreen wipers on, the front ones won't work.

Other times they work fine when I initially turn them on, but then stop working of their own accord. I then have to turn them on and off, and adjust the wiper speed several times until they start again and this can take minutes.

This does not alway happen, sometimes there are no problems at all, but I'd say there's a problem 60% of the times the wipers have to be used.

There is no problem with the back wiper.

It seems to be an electrical error, but what?

Any help or clues is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Trine

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Can it still be the relay if the problem is just with the front wipers? The back one is fine.

When I turn the wipers on and they don't work I can hear this little "tk" sound, like something is trying to connect.

Someone told me that if none of the wipers were working it would be an electrical fault, but if only the front or back ones weren't working it would be mechanical?

I've had the car in with the mechanics, and they reconnected the wiper motor and did a bit of cleaning, but that didn't work. The problem is still occurring.

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TrineT last visited the forum 4th December 2012.

1 hour ago, ChrisD1991 said:

Did you ever work out what this was

who knows, but if they didn't they been driving about pulling two bits of string tied to the wipers for nearly 10 years. 🤣

Start a new thread and detail your car and the problem that you have and I'm sure someone will try and help.

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