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Hi all, I'm after some urgent advice asap, hope someone can help me!

I have a mk1.5 focus (02 plate) 1.6 petrol, and I need to replace the water pump. I have the part but have been told by one person that I need to remove the cam timing belt to replace the pump, and by another person that I don't have to remove the belt.

I need to know for definite before I start as I don't have any of the 'ford special tools' to do the timing, so I can do it myself if I don't need to remove the belt!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated before I start pulling it to bits!

Thanks in advance,


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You only need to remove the auxiliary belt. Not the cambelt.

Drain the cooling system.

Loosen the water pump pulley retaining bolts.

Remove the accessory drive belt.

Remove the water pump pulley.

Detach the water pump from the water pump housing.

Rotate the water pump 180º within the water pump housing and remove it.

Discard the sealing ring


Install a new water pump sealing ring.

To install, reverse the removal procedure.

Fill the cooling system.

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Thank you!

Ill have to go back to my local parts suppliers for the sealing ring as I forgot to get that! Is there any gasket or anything that ill need as well? I was planning to just use sili-gasket but seeing as I'm going back anyway, I may as well do it properly!

Thanks again!

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