Headlight Adjuster Not Working On Right Side

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Hello there, just after a bit of general advice on this one.

I have noticed that one of my headlights stays in the same top position whilst the left one moves up and down when using the little adjuster control under the steering wheel. I am guessing the motor for the right hand side light has gone or something.

I am just wondering how much I would roughly be looking at to have this put right as I've just forked out £700 on a new battery, washer jets, ht leads, spark plugs and then finally (on the second visit to my local Ford dealership), a new cat being fitted and I'm now totally skint!

It's not a huge problem but I'm going to replace the bulbs with Ford 55w Xenon headlamp bulbs soon and wondered if i could put this right whilst changing them?

Any help or advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!

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First off, the motors for each side are identical, so swap them over and see if the fault follows suit. If so, then you have a faulty motor. Otherwise you'll have to start investigating wiring issues.

My money is on a faulty motor, though. Will cost you under £20 new from the Bay of E. Maybe a fiver from a scrapyard.

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