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Can Anyone Help To Find A Car???

jon pease

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hi, my name is jon and im on the hunt for a Ford Escort XR3i. the vehicles registration number is F631 MNk. when first produced it was radiant red. over the years this vehicle has had many changes done to it. At one point the engine was changed to an rs turbo and shortly followed was the external parts of the vehicle being chanced, full rs kit, bonnet etc, to suit this conversion. My self and a very close friend of mine spent many days fixing this car and it holds alot of sentimental value to myself. my friend sadly passed away last week and with this vehicle being a massive part of us i wish to see if it is still around and possibly buy it back. i sold the vehicle in april 2009 and from what i can see it was then sold in june 2009 to what i asume its last registered keeper. i have done a hpi and from dvla records it hasnt been scrapped or involved in an accident. if anyone can help to find this it would mean so much to me, even if its just the Shell. i have very limited info and not really sure where to go now can you help. many thanks, jon

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Unfortunately there isnt a great deal you can do. keep your eye on the selling pages, and the classifides of its latest known location, and eBay / autotrader to see if it pops up. To be honest, theres no one you can ask to put you in touch due to DPA and not being a service. Best thing is to keep your eyes open :)

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