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51 Plate Focus Losing Coolant

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Hi all,

After a little help. i was driving to north wales from surrey when the temperature needle suddenly jumped up and the engine light came on. i stopped and noticed the coolant was empty (i had checked before the journey and it was halfway between min and max).I waited for it to cool then topped it up and finished the journey. next day the engine light was now off, but the bottle was empty again. i put water in and noticed drips down the front of the engine running down under the gearbox. the strange thing is that the whole time i was away, sometimes it leaked but sometimes it didnt. the car got me back with no top ups. there is no lack of power, no white smoke and no sludge around the oil filler cap so wondered if anyone knew what it could be.


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you'll have to get under the car and see if its leaking anywhere... you say there is no sludge in the oil, so the only things left is the external cooling system (bottle, pipes, rad etc..) or the waterways in the block itself...

oh hang on... maybe heater matrix... I;m not sure if these still reside in the cabin, but have a feel for wet carpet in the driver and passenger footwell....

Thats where they used to be anyway!

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