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Wiring Diagram For 2006 Glow Plugs


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can any body help me find a wiring diagram for the glow plugs as my 60 amp slow blow fuse keeps blowing

glow plugs seem to be ok the glow plug rail is not grounding out so i am a bit stumped relay seems ok

its a strange one lol

thanks a lot


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Thanks very much for the diagram it's very good but I have Haynes

I needed ford diagram as Haynes is a typical and not the same

But thanks for that

I have tested resistance on plugs with multimeter

Continuity test and it comes up 0.6 ohms that's each plug out the engine

I have put them back in and put rail on but took the poss wire off rail and put fuse back in

And it has not blown so it is the rail I have used a wire with 20 amp fuse and put from poss

Of battery and put it to the rail and it pops the fuse

So some where its going to ground

How can I test each plug as they all glow nice when each one is put to the battery

Thanks a lot for your help


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Im sure Haynes quotes something about each plug drawing about 15A? Ive still got my old set from the 2.2 that i could measure to confirm this for you - both engines probably use the same plug anyway.

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Thanks for your replys it all sound true and good but my car did work and Haynes engine fuse box F8 and ford have it as a 60 amp slow blow so it is right

I have taken them all out and rail off

Tested each plug on battery with 20 amp fuse and all work no problem

But am I right in saying if they are all in and I put my 20 amp wire on the rail the fuse should not blow but the plugs won't work because they don't have enoght amps to work

I have brought a new glow plug to test it's ohms and that is 0.8

So does any one know how to test these plugs

And where are all the engine earth straps so I can check them

Thanks a lot


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0.8 ohms @12V would theoretically work out to 15A a plug - which is correct (given the 60A fuse)

with all 4 plugs connected to the rail, they will blow a 20A fuse - the fuse is simply an over current device.

it does sound like 4 new plugs will solve your problems though

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