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Hi all,

I've got a problem whereby once I get into 4th gear my engine sounds like it is still in 3rd. Same in 5th gear, it sounds like it's in 4th. It's a 1998 Focus 1.8 petrol 111K on clock. I noticed the problem a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure how long it has been a problem as I tend to have the music up and sing a lot when driving(!).

The clutch was going so there was a lot of very high revving and it also revved a few times before when I forgot to change gear (too much music noise to notice :( ) when driving. The clutch practically went so the RAC came out and noticed the engine oil dangerously low so topped it up before checking car. He said the engine sounded fine but we did not get to the speed that I notice the problem as he did not want to cause any more problems. He said clutch practically dead and towed the car to garage.

I've had the clutch done today, flywheel was fine, and the drop link bars done as they were rattling. The mechanic said the engine sounded fine but again i'm not sure if he went to 4th gear, and also gear box was also fine. The engine is still doing the same thing now i've collected it. I am worried to take it over 50mph. It just sounds strained, like i'm in a lower gear than I really am. No knocking or banging sounds tho.

Have I damaged the engine by revving it too much with the clutch problem? And also because since I had it 2 years ago, I have only done 1 oil change (inbetween I topped it up).

I'm going to get it checked tomorrow but any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I don't think too much damage could be caused by the clutch, it may be all you need is a thorough service. I suppose the lesser checked variable here is the gear box, check the fluid is clean and not dirty and / or bitty

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Thanks for the reply, I guess I should get a garage to check the fluid, not sure how to do that! My friend is going to come in the car and have a listen tomorrow so i'll ask him if we can check it if it's easy enough

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