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05 Focus Ghia 6000Cd With Remote - Alpine Cde-W235Bt & More...

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Hi all,

I recently bought a focus 1.6 TDCI 05 GHIA model, with automatic everything and its great!

I do however have 2 small problems with it, and cant get on with them...


I have bought an ALPINE CDE-W235BT and cannot fit it successfully to the focus. The fascia adapter I bought was about 2mm too small (despite being marked up as an 05 focus adapter) and although I have bought a wiring harness for the focus from Halfords, when fitted the radio won't turn on. On top of that I apparently need a steering stalk controller adapter too, and the aerial adapter. With the silly number of websites selling many many adapters all for the same thing i cannot fathom what to do and so have come to here for help!

Please can somebody tell me a shopping list of items i need, i will just return what i have bought already if it is wrong.

OR, if somebody could tell me if this is the correct wiring for the focus, then i can get handy with the soldering iron...


The heated windscreen won't work. I have checked the fuses, and checked the wiring on the screen with a continuity tester and cant get it to turn on and heat. When I press the button to turn it on, even the LED light on the button won't turn on. the heated rear screen works so it can't be the timing module, but could it be the switch?

other info, i am based in the UK, near uttoxeter at the moment, but am around the peterborough/stamford area often...

Thanks so much for any replies in advance, i usually try not to use up people time on these forums, but i am at a loss as to what to do next...


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You tend to find that the cages supplied with radios are too deep for the focus dash and can cause trouble.

Try one of these-

Even if you just contact the seller for information it may help you out.

The loom adaptor you got from Halfords is probably wrong, some people have reported that the switched and permanent live connections are the wrong way round.

I believe the problem is that Ford use the same quadlock design as Vauxhall and Halfords can't seem to differentiate between the two.

As for your screen, there are three places to check- the fuses, the wiring and the connector ribbons under the scuttle panel at the base of the windscreen.

With the ribbons there is a tendency for the wiper linkage to snag them and wear them out. (I believe it's due to the wiring not being modified when the wipers are fitted for right hand drive models)

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You might also have a faulty switch so test this........ pull the switch out and see if you have any constant power....... as stoney said above the ribbons are prone to wear and it's only the drivers side that can get sagged as on mine they run from corner of screen and feed thro where the bonnet runs ....

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Thanks for all the help!

I have tested the plug and there is 12v coming through two of the connections relative to earth, but the light on the button still won't activate. Do you know which fuse/relay positions in the cabin and engine bay fuse boxes are needed, my manual doesn't tell me which fuses/relays are for the windscreen!

I played around with the rear screen, and found which relay governed it. I took out the relay and the light on the button still worked, but the heated screen did not come on. The same cannot be said for the front windscreen, as neither the light on the button or the screen comes on when the button is pushed, so it is more than just a single missing relay i think?

As for the radio, switching the yellow (battery) and red (12v switchable) meant the radio worked, but putting them back the other way also meant it worked for some reason? the radio would not turn on without the ignition in and twisted to the 1st position in either configuration, while the 6000CD used to...

All I need now then is the aerial adapter and the remote adapter then I am sorted with the CD player hopefully :)

I've had a look at the connections under the screen, Martin and stoney, and I cant see any damage to them. I understand that each half of the screen is separate and that they both earth on the drivers side pillar?

Thank you again for the help!


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