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Hi Guys and Gals,

New enough to forums so I apologise in advance if I Step Out of Line.

Real Name Shane, Life Safety Systems Service Engineer, Cork Ireland, Mid 30's.

Hello and happy New Year to All.

Looking for a little advice and assistance if that's possible,

As a young family we bought a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI back in Jan 2009, Brand New.

Couldn't fault it, brilliant car, enough power when needed, excellent on the odd motorway journey.

Very Happy Overall.

Full service history, at the local Ford Dealership, even though maybe too well serviced, dealership insists on a 14.000km (7000mls) where as I have found out that those engines have a 20000km (10000mls) service requirement.

Last November now almost 3 months ago, Engine Management Light Illuminated, along with some loss of power, after 3 visits to dealership within a fortnight, finally discovered an issue with the intercooler which was replaced, all ok. (At the time they couldn't see what caused it, question them now and immediately it was a pebble or stone struck it and damaged it......!!!!!) Total cost with replacement Wiper Blades, just under €600 (£504).

Mid December Car put through its paces, with its first NCT or MOT, Passed with flying colours, which I never doubted.

2 weeks ago, Car now having under 133000km (72000mls) clocked, unfortunately I was away For a few days and not available to inspect and view the upcoming issue, the better half was on her way to work, informed me of a loud clicking noise emanating from under the bonnet, parked up, AA called, no ideas, as not long after arrival noise stopped.

Drove it to dealership whom on inspection claimed the Auxiliary Drive Belt was "Ravelled", their words not mine, possible due to again maybe a pebble or stone entering the engine bay and getting caught in belt. They said nothing was out of place in engine bay that may have been the cause but not happy with a particular pulley and the water pump on the drive melt mechanism.

Total estimated cost of repairs again under €600 (£504).

Acquired quotations from alternative dealerships, all within same price range; however one did say that timing belt should be done also as a precaution, total cost now at about €900 (£756).

After a little goggling noted timing belt change at 200000km (125000mls) or 10 years, another dealership confirmed this and explained every service aux belt and accessories checked, usual replacement being with timing belt.

Sounds to me like bearing failure, possible original cause of "Raveling" Belt. Should it be covered by some sort of warranty?

Any advice Greatly Appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.


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how can a stone get caught in the belt? you have a !Removed! tray underneath to stop crap getting flirted up... as far as im aware no crap can entre from the front....... you have covers over your drive belts, except for your aux belt which as far as im aware does your alternator, and you air con pump could be wrong tho...

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You need to check that the under-tray is still on the car, sometimes the garage doesn't bother to refit it after a service. Even if it's not on the car, it's unlikely that you could have a stone cause damage twice.

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Just spotted a few typo's with my original post.

Sorry lads.

No every thing is as original state. All guards seem ok. Double checked even during the week.

I was doubting the explanation also, intercooler fair enough, possible damage could be done through a front grille entry, but this latest issue not so inclined to believe the explanation.

Forgot to mention also, last summer (2012) AC not working, our usual dealership re-gassed stating that it's not too uncommon that a leakage may occur with moving parts, pipework etc, think they used a dye in the gas also to track the fault.

Didn't question it at the time.

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Original AC fault was that when required no cooling affects were found.

I could see the compressor was engaging, so it could only have been gas.

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