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Whining 57 Plate Sport Ka.....suspect Waterpump


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Hi Folks

Had a look at my friends car as it has developed a constant and very noticable whining noise from the engine. I started the car up and heard it straight away, I turned on the ac to see if it made any diffrence but it did not...Likewise with the heated screens, also tried moving the steering wheel from side to side but again no change, This makes me think its going to be the water pump bearing as putting load on the Aux belt makes no diffrence

Im looking for your thoughts on this one with reguards to further testing and price for replacement, I know it wont be cheap as there will be other parts/consumables to be replaced to such a antifreeze new timingbelt....

Also Could I ask ford rapid fit to fit a new water pump without paying for them to diagnose the noise, with the understanding if there is no change then I can't go back to them and complain the noise is still there etc..

The car has done just over 25,000 and has had a gentle whine for about 2 years, it only dose short journeys a couple of times a week, however the whine got worse after a 40 mile round trip a few days ago.

Many thanks in Advance

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Cheers btmaldon :)

Just called Rapidfit, they said just bring the car in they wont charge to diagnose the fault :)

They are going to call me back with a price,

I'll keep you posted

Keep your thoughts comming guys

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I called Rapid Fit, they said to bring the car along and they would not charge to diagnose the fault.

He also quoated £250 to replace the water pump which isn inclusive of the pump, gaskets, antifreeze,1.5 hours labour and vat

I asked if that included a new cam belt, he told me he never saw anything about disturbing the cam belt to change the water pump :unsure:

Is this correct?

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If its the 8v engine as fitted on the the early SportKA's and StreetKA's it is cambelt. The water pump is driven by the auxilliary belt anyway.

All sportkas and streetkas have had the same engine from release to discontinuation.

But yes they have an aux belt still.

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