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Epb Numbers

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Just signed on the forum and because I'm having some issues with my C-max, can't seem to find the answer so here goes.

I have a 04 C-max 2.0ltr TDCi and the EPB has gone knackered, I have been offered a replacement by the scrapyard but the codes don't match exactly, any chance someone could point me right as to whether I can still use it

Mine EPB SWJ1F07 (left) Scrapyard EPB SWJ1F72 (right)




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I believe you need the same serial number.

Were you aware that there was a recall on the 03/04 C-Max EPB modules?

If yours hasn't been checked/modified then it may be worth going to your Dealer to check this out.

This may be why the module numbers are different as one may be an original unit and the other rmay be a modified one.


You don't want to have to buy a new module from Ford as i understand they can be £500+

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Thanks for the info, if you're correct then the 03 & 04 models are different :angry: was hoping I could change the electronic board out of the unit and save all the trouble of changing the whole damn thing.

'So, managed to have a leak of water of about 15 litres into the boot of the car. Got everything out and decided to release the water from the spare wheel by drilling a hole of two, cos no car manufacturer would put anything under the spare wheel :rolleyes:

Well I managed to drill a very small hole in the EPB and the water drained into the box, just drained the EPB and dried the internals but all to no avail. It is fooked frown.gif'

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