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Over-Revving C-Max 2004

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Hi. We have had a problem with our c-max for some months.

Initially, it was under-revving and would stall at traffic lights and junctions.No warning lights at all. The local Ford dealer put it on the diagnosis machine which showed no problems. They suggested a new battery. This helped and the car no longer under-revs or stalls - instead of this, it is massively over-revving at 2000RPM, most of the time!

Just spoken to Ford and asked them if they could check the ICV, as this is the problem I have noted from much internet trawling, but they inform me that there is no ICV on this model and tyhat it could be the MAF(?) or any of a number of other problems and that it will need re-diagnosing.

Could I ask a) if this is correct; B) what else the problem might be; c) how easy is it for a complete novice to remedy; and d) how much would it cost for a garage to sort it out?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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welcome along!

a) I was under the impression that an ICV existed, but MAF makes full sense also.

B) The over revving would indicate that its most likely one of these two, or its possible that the car is choking up so is overfueling to try and cause extra heat to clear itself out

c) you could in essence remove and clean the MAF, you could then run the likes of BG244 through the car to clean it out and remove the crap

d) Garage would charge around £60 for diagnostics, and £80 per hour labour, plus parts, your looking at a couple of hundred quid on a hope, as there is no evidence to confirm either theory outright, there is always the risk that it will still be something else...

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