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Good Servicing Garages In Rainham/gillingham/rochester Area?

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Hi all

I took the car down to a garage to sort out my power steering

he charged me an arm and a leg and didn't fix it at all, it was the same old problem within a week even though he apparently changed the pump

I can take it to a ford garage but they cost £100-200 just to run 'diagnostics' which is their standard procedure before they do any work

So I was wondering if anyone knew a good garage close to me in kent


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Hi Mate,

I live in Gillingham, and tend to take the car down to "Dagenham Motors" on Pier road. They charge £65 diagnostics fee.

Otherwise, I have previously used (and my ' father in law's ' employers take all their fleet vehicles to "Adam Auto's" up on the rochester / medway city estate (just off and behind the Vauxhall garage and to the far end of the road with RM Tyres).

They are pretty good.

The argument I would have is that he replaced the pump and it didnt fix the issue, therefore I would argue that it should be reviewed further. I tend to as a rule, tell any garage I will only pay for the parts that directly fix the problem, therefore if they install a pump and it doesnt fix the issue, I dont see why I should have to pay for it!

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Whats wrong with your power steering - is it a street Ka? Is it noisy? Does it feel like you reach a point of sudden resistance when turning lock to lock?

Dagenham have been good with my parents who bought a new Ka there.

I would completely recommend Simon at Halfway Garage on the Gravesend road where the car dealership is (about half way from Higham to Gravesend funnily enough) If theres anything i cant do i will take it to simon, he will always try and fit you in even if he is busy, my family have used him for years and years.

A bit closer to you is CE autos over by the Harrow pub near Bredhurst - Carl there has done a few bits for me in the past (including swapping some bits on a steering rack) and i cant argue with prices, also his uncle Mick owns the bodyshop opposite and he has done some spraying for me.

MOT's i get done at the place at the bottom of cooling road in Strood, nice and quick and honest as they dont do repairs.

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