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Heaters Smoking.

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Well basically my heaters are smoking not major but enough for me to turn them off and there is a slight smell of burning while they are on, the heater does heat the car fully like it always has but just lately there has been major condensation issues.

I have also noticed in the engine bay that one of the hose's from the heater matrix has been leaking onto the engine, I have also checked the foot wields to see if there is any coolant leaking but its bone dry.

Any help would be appreciated.

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does sound like a leak but the smoke - would you say it smelled more like exhaust, firesmoke, or more like mist?

Couldn't really say just smells, I would assume it's misty as the smoke is white.

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if you had to describe the smell... what would it smell like?

I wonder if the seals are going around the injectors and the vapours of the combustion are leaking out and drawing into the cabin...?

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My misses seems too think it smells sweet like toffees, I'm going to have another look over tonight check all pipes if they are looking fine time to get it looked at a garage.

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