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Mondeo Lights


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Greetings, I have a 96 2.0 Ghia Hatch that has just sailed through yet another MOT. Was given

an advisory for the rear lights. All of the light cluster works apart from the rear light itself. Have

changed the bulbs with no joy. I can't see anything on the fuse map to say if they have a unique

fuse. The front lights are ok.

Is there anyone out there in Ford land that can help please.



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welcome along obanfordman, it is a bit concerning that you passed an MOT with a bulb out lol... Or was it a provisional pass pending getting the bulb fixed?

I would suggest corrosion, take a multimeter and see if you can detect any current at the holder at various points. Might be worth pulling out the cluster, and checking the wiring up to the cluster and then the unit itself for any corrosion as advised above.

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