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Mondeo Handbrake

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Hi, Im having a problem with the handbrake on my 52 plate Mondeo saloon that is gradually getting worse.

When the lever is pulled there is a lot of tension felt but no clicks of the ratchet until at the top position when it will click once. however this will not be enough to hold the car and im having to leave the car in gear.

The rear callipurs were replaced along with I seized cable about a year ago by my friendly mechanic.

At the moment because of the bad weather I havn`t had a chance to get underneath to have a look.

I suspect it is either a seized cable or a faulty lever/auto adjustment unit.

my questions are, if its a seized cable and I replace it, does the whole set up have to be adjusted in some way

or, if its the lever mechanism ( I believe there was a recall on these ) can anything be done to lubricate or adjust these.

Any advice would be great, thanks, John

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It sounds to me like your 'friendly mechanic' simply replaced a few parts, and didn't readjust the hand brake cable afterwards.

It's under the car, bit of a swine to get to as it's behind the heatshield, right in the middle of the car. You need a small spanner, a deep socket, and somebody else watching the hand brake levers for when they get near the stop pins.

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Hi, It is a 16mm nut there, i would look at both rear callipers to make sure that they are not sticking on when the hand brake in released. The N/S one kept sticking on with me. I have just ordered new cables from Ebay £23 the pair


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