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Screen Wash Supply Pipe To Boot Leaking


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This is my first post on here. I have been elsewhere for this issue but no help so far.....

Regarding rear screen wash supply pipe on a Mondeo Mk3 2001 hatch back.

There is a flexible screen wash pipe within the hinge of the boot. It comes from the car body and plugs into the boot lid (eventually leading to the rear washer jet). This rubber pipe seems to be connected to the boot lid via a black plastic connector (which kind of sits in the boot lid). It is at this point / connection that I have screen wash leaking everywhere into the boot whenever I use it. There is a crack in the rubber pipe where the fluid is coming out.

BTW the jet is not blocked, as you will still see it exiting some of the screen wash.

I thought I could simply pull the rubber pipe off and replace it BUT..... for the life of me I cannot remove it. It seems to be moulded on. I have even used a screwdriver to try and prize the plastic connector out but no luck at all. It is difficult also to get to it due to the limited space - and I have small hands lol!

Has anyone else come across this (long shot)? And if so any guidance would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.....

A pic is below:



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it sounds crazy but have you tried removing it from the body side and not off from the boot.when in bodyshop i use to take jet off and attach srip of wire to feed it out.if mem serves me correct its circular plastic clip thats got a cut in it to help prize out its a pig but it will pop out

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Ahhh I see - thanks for putting a different angle on it. I didn't think of it possibly being a circular clip type connector. Its a pig to see what you are doing in that tiny gap but I shall have a look / go ASAP and report back here. May need a dentist's mirror lol.

Thanks again


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