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Red Stereo But Green Cluster Backlighting...is This Right?


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Hi guys, unsure what to search for in terms of this so hopefully someone can clear it up quick enough...

An uncle of mine has just picked up a C-Max, I'm not sure what year or spec it is, just know it's around an 06 and it's a 1.6TDCi.

Had a quick look inside this evening as I was giving him a crash course on his new Parrot kit, and just noticed something that I wasn't sure was right. He knows little about it himself, so wasn't gonna go throwin doubts in his head about his new car until I sought a bit of clarification myself.

Basically, I noticed that the stereo fitted is the standard Ford 6000CD, but in silver with red backlighting, and the rest of the dash panels have red backlighting as well. But the instrument cluster is all green backlit. And the multi-function stalk is fitted, same as I have in my Focus allowing me to browse through the trip-comp, range etc, but the buttons do nothing on his cluster.

Is this all normal, that the green backlit cluster without trip-comp options should be fitted even though the rest of the dash is backlit red and the multi-function stalk is in place?

Perhaps over-worrying a little on this, but would just like to know as I'd worry about mileage correction if the cluster has been swapped out!

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks!

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Cheers for the reply Clive...so you reckon somethin's def not right anyway?

I'd think the a cluster swap is much more likely than carrying out the other two options. Was just wondering if any other owners have the same set-up, was thinkin it could have been an issue if it's build-date was right around the time of a small facelift.

Might go straight to his mechanic who sourced it for him then, rather than put any fear into him that he may have bought somethin not 100%!

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Definately sounds like one or the other.... either way could be a good sign, dash swapped as it was problematic, or colour converted, because they could :P

I recon they probably sent their cluster off for an LED conversion, it failed, the cluster was fudged, and as a result they had to replace it and didnt bother finishing the conversion...

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Thanks for the input mate. I'll be honest though lads, it really doesn't strike me as a dash conversion.

I agree with what you're sayin about the benefits of a cluster change, in that the original one may have been giving grief, but the downside is that I don't know now if the mileage has been corrected so it could have done a lot more than it's showing!

As I mentioned, my uncle doesn't have a big interest and was happy to let his mechanic source it and take his word on it. I think I'll take a closer look myself at any previous MOTs and service stamps to try check if the mileage all adds up.

Here's a pic by the way to make sure I've been clear in what I've been trying to explain...


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gforce, you can do some checks online as to what the MOT mileage was recorded at, and if there is a difference, you can confirm that the dash is / is not corrected for the appropriate mileage...

I might have a few credits left for a "HPI" check website, which will give you some things, you would have to buy a credit or two to check the MOT history... But when I bought my car, I did this. I thought 440000 was far too low a mileage for a 55 plate, but it seems according to the MOT history its not :)

Drop me a PM If you fancy taking the offer up and I will have to dig around and find the details and see if the credits are still valid...

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I thought 440000 was far too low a mileage for a 55 plate...

Think it's a tad high myself, haha!

Sorry, couldn't resist that one. Thanks very much for the kind offer mate, but you've actually just reminded me that I have two lives myself on a car checker! Same as you, I bought one when I got my car and paid the extra couple of quid to get another two checks, so I'll use one of those. Thanks for reminding me!

Only thing is, over on this side of the pond I'm not sure they keep such an accurate record of MOT/Tax mileages, so mightn't be able to tell for sure. Is worth a try though.

By the way, would the cluster be easily exchangeable with an updated one? Stickin with a diesel obviously, and I'm sure the removal would just involve a few screws and trim panels, but would there be any wiring issues?

And one other thing...the car has a driver's armrest but the teeth on the ratchet must be worn as it won't stay at any position. I've read up on a fix for this, but would the upgraded centre console with integrated armrest and storage console be an easy upgrade as well?

Thanks again in advance and for you help so far!

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no worries mate, I just hope they dont expire any time soon!

as for the cluster, I have no personal experience with it, but believe that it is fairly simple to remove the cluster.

As for the console upgrade, its a few screws to be honest! its probably simpler for the short term, then you can fix the current one in your own time!

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