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Just Bought Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport And Warning Light


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Hi all,

I have just bought a red 2009 ford mondeo titanium x sport 175 and im really pleased with it,awsome car.

I had a audi sline 170 and the clutch went and i have never looked back.

I have not had mondeo long and bought it from auction is was a finance repo,it has 34000 miles on it.

Runs lovely and sounds nice but every time i start if the engine malfunction comes up and i click ok and it goes away but left with a amber information warning light and spanner so i presume it needs serviced.

I went to a mechanic but he cant look at it for 2 weeks so is it safe to drive normally like this?.

No weird noises or loss of power the car seems great.

Any help would be appreciated.

I will get some pics done when i get the chance

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Yeah its only when you get a flashing light that you should worry.

Given that its only an 09 car, surely you must have gotten some warranty with it? or was it a private sale?

does the trip computer trick work on the Mondeo's? or have you any other way of trying to read the error codes (OBDII code reader?)

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Hi,thanks for the reply.I bought it from auction so no warranty but as i said it drives nice just gives me this warning every time i turn on the ignition or start it.

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