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Ford Cannot Fix The Dab On My Mondeo

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I have a Ford Mondeo Ghia 59 Plate with a Sony radio with DAB.

I bought it second-hand at 18 months old. Having never had DAB before, or cared, it was awesome. The DAB radio reception was excellent.

Then, one day, the reception became appalling, rendering the DAB unusable. The retro-fit DAB I added to my wife's car has excellent reception in exactly the same locations.

I took it to a Ford garage to have them look at it under warranty. It has been in and out several times, with them replacing something each time, but each time I drove it away and it still had appalling DAB reception. The warranty has long since expired but they have continued to treat it as a warranty issue as the original problem was in the warranty period.

This week, they had the car for three days and communicated with the Ford technical team, but have been unable to resolve the problem. Ford are refusing to authorise any more work under the warranty.

Do you have any advice about how I can get Ford to resolve this problem? Do I have any rights?

I just can't see how they can refuse the resolve the problem when they sold a car with working DAB and it doesn't work any more...

It may seem petty, but once you have had DAB, not having it any more, especially for MW stations like Five Live and TalkSport, is a real disappointment.

Thanks for any advice you can offer

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Have you checked the roof Arial , the connection may be corroded

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As Pree said, check the connectors for corrosion.

Unfortunately Ford are within their right to refuse further warranty repairs, but I would advise that a complaint directly to customer service and head office, advising of the issue, and that you have purchased a car whereby the fault is covered by warranty, should continue to be investigated and resolved under warranty...

Out of curiosity, what have they replaced?

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