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Mondeo Ghia X Auto 2001 Trip Computer-Is It Me!!


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Hi All, back to ford after expensive excursion to Nissan. I have to buy inexpensive cars now made redundant at 63(no chance of another job) so have come back to Ford with a lovely Mondeo but can,t sort out 2 issues even though got hand book-1 how do the hell do i re-set trip re mpg etc and 2 when i turn off ignition footwell courtesy lights come on but not not top reading lights. A ny info would be gratefully received. Thanks T im

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You should be able to press and hold in the button on the end of your indicator stalk on each screen you wish to reset.

Concerning the light, does it come on when you manually switch it?

If no then suspect the bulb or a loose connection.

If yes then is the switch set to the middle notch .

It usually has three settings, off- door activation and on.

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Thanks for coming back-the stalk allows centigrade to farenhiet change but long -press on other settings does nowt! All courtesy lights work manually but put them into middle set only brings footwell on door opening. Driving me mad trying to sort-ta for help Tim

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If you take out the light you'll see two connections.

One on the left has two wires to it and is the feed for permanent power and from the door switches.

I'd suspect the one from the switches is either not connected correctly or the wire is broken/disconnected.

Strange the controls don't reset the screens, don't see why they shouldn't.

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