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Starting And Running Issues!!!


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Car always started, first turn of the key. Sometimes would be a bit rough but never cut out. Had the glow plug light issue etc, had injectors reconditioned and that was fine.

Now, only on cold car starts then cuts out straight away. Almost as though there is an air bubble in the fuel which huts the injector and cuts out. If I start using the throttle, this will pass the cut out and then its fine.

Other issue is on driving, generally around or just below 2k rpm it gets jumpy, stutter so to speak...accelerate and gone.

I feel both of these are connected but am unsure where to start and have thrown too much money to the garage who have not diagnosed the issue.

Any assistance or advice much appreciated please.


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has the egr valve ever been cleaned? also check the intercooler pipe below the egr valve for splits as this can cause a judder at around 1800 revs.

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