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my 2004 KA Sport has just failed its MOT on two damaged alloy wheels (and two approaching failing levels) due to the fact I live in pot-hole central!

Having a hell of a time finding reasonably priced replacements (even used ones) and wondered if I could get away with 15" rims - they seem so much more reasonably priced!

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Hi guys,

thanks for the responses.

Struggled to find anything via local breakers' yards and, given time restraints as I need to have my MOT retest, I've gone the budget alloys/tyres route via Halfords - £349.99 all in. Bit 'prettier' than I'd intended, but I'll cope. ;)

Hoping to sell the usable wheels on eBay to recoup some of the costs. Two of the weels have some pot-hole damage but not MOT failure damage; the other two have actually buckled slightly, enough that they're not repairable according to the place I took them to locally. Three of the four tyres are ok.

Was planning on selling my KA but, given the latest spend on it, looks like I have to keep it a while longer!

Thanks again,


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Sorry i couldnt get here sooner but ive only signed up today.

I know someone who is selling 3 sportka wheels, and i also myself have a 'Halfords special' set that came on a car i bought that i ve had trouble selling for nearly half what you payed new. (mine have mint TOYO Proxes on them and very light scuffs/marks)

Shame i couldnt save the day!

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