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Tdci Engine / Radiator Fan On Most Of The Time


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Bought a 2007 (56 reg) 2.2 diesel estate a few weeks ago & noticed last week the radiator fan is on most of the time, regardless of outside & engine temperature.

Can be on when starting the car on a cold morning, sometimes goes off for a few seconds, only a 7 mile drive to work with very little time sat at traffic lights.

Heater works ok, temp gauge seems ok,

Aircon on or off doesn't matter.

Engine bay is warm at most at the end of a journey (we had a 52 reg 130 tdci which never got warm under the bonnet unlike our 54 reg tdci focus)

Any thoughts welcome but i'm not the most mechanical person in the world!

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disconnect the temperature sensor via the plug, does the fan stop?

clean the plug and connections up and re connect...cured?

you have a short somewhere , or failure of the thermostat is most likely.

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Thanks Paul, is the temp sensor on the rad?

Seems to be doing it less in the last few days but noticed the aircon not working now!

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