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Subwoofer With Standard Radio

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Has anyone fitted a subwoofer with a standard radio. Thinking about doing it to my focus. It's a diesel so I'm not sure about wiring power as sometimes you can get interference. My old fiesta I had an aftermarket headunit and amps ect ect but I've never fitted sub with standard radio. My radio is a ford 6000cd. My car is a zetec model and it's 2010 if that helps as I think there are a couple of variations of the radio?

Many thanks

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Its do-able - i think the CD6000 has line- outs and even if it did'nt, you can tap into the hi-level (speaker) outs via an adaptor

Diesels are less liable to get interference (no ht leads etc) and often have beefed-up alternators and bigger batteries (more electrical power), sp are generally better for high-power ICE

The safest and best way to take the main power (+) off the battery via a high-amp inline fuse with heavy-duty cable to the amp,which is constantly on. The amp usually has a "signal power line" that switches the power on/off, via the head unit

the anp gets earthed to the good ground (thick, heavy-duty cable)

The audio output of the head unit is connected to the audio input of the sub amp via a screened audio cable, normally very long, so it can be routed/ tucked away out of sight

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i've used this from halfords to connect my sony oem unit:


wired up my Vibe Sub/Amp combo and its fine.


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I'm getting mine done by AudioWise, Eastkilbride.

They said they can do it with the normal head unit but it's usually not AS GOOD as with a third party unit (but since mines is the new model, they can't really change it yet!)

but he said what they can do is use a (don't quote me on this) High line convertor (there are different ones, but they use a £35 one) depending on the quality of that, it can affect the quality of the output.

If I remember, I'll report back on monday/tuesday after I've gotten it all installed :)

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