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Hi all,

I've got an issue with the aux in on my 6000CD (04 Mondeo). I've had a quick search of the forums but can't see anything about my problem.

When I connect iPod or iPhone to the 6000CD via the jack in the glovebox, audio doesn't play properly. Specifically, the vocal track is muted, as if sound not being played through a speaker etc.

Has anyone else had similar problem? From reading the forum I get that the Aux In can be pretty dodgy. Radio and CD play perfectly, and it's not the cables or player.

Anyone had this and fixed it? Could it be as sinple as a loose connection? Wife is wanting to play her iPod! Just wanted to check before I take the radio player right out.

Any thoughts appreciated by this newbie. Thanks.

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Remove the glovebox and check the seating of the parts of the aux socket.

The socket itself is two pieces that lock together them the cable plugs into that, the problem comes from the two pieces of the socket moving around and because the contacts for the 3.5 cable are on the back part of the socket the spacing between the front and rear parts is critical for correct contact alignment.

I suggest playing something through the socket while wiggling it and once you find the correct alignment, either tape or cable tie the two parts firmly together.

The way the socket is designed is that the parts clip together with the glovebox between them but are impossible to seperate them without breaking them.

Also you can't buy just the socket part, it only comes with a cable kit. (£20 from Ford)

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