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Eml On After Hcv Change


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I have bought a 2005 Ford Ka for my daughter to learn to drive in and all was fine except the heater constantly blowing hot. I have replaced the HCV and the heater now works as it should.

The problem I have is after driving it for 15 minutes yesterday the amber EML came on although the car seems to run fine. Can anybody shed any light on this or how I can solve the problem?

Many thanks

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I know have a D900 fault code readfer and it came up with P0030 H02S Heater Control Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

Could this be due to the heater control valve replacement?


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no mate, totally unrelated

that code is for oxygen sensor on the exhaust system, clear the code, see if it returns, if it does, then chances are its the sensor itself but wiring will need to be tested to confirm there is no breaks/poor connections.

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