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Ford 6006E Cd Player Not Working


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Hi everyone.

Can I have some guidance please?

My 6006E cd player has decided to play up. It is hit and miss whether or not it will come on. There is no power or error message. This has happened three times. When it does come back on (without doing anything to it) the cds start to click and the display screen loads up. It has gone off again now and I can't get it back on at all.

The red light behind the anti-theft protection panel normally flashes and now it is just a constant red light. I am assuming that means I have power and therefore probably do not need to change the fuse?

Has this happened to anyone at all?

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It may just be the anti-theft panel. Have you tried cleaning the contacts up on it to make sure its getting a good connection.

If this doesn't work I would pull the unit out and check the connections on the back are all good. There are two power feeds, The main power which is switched live and a permanent live for the memory. One could have failed but you can check both with a voltage tester once you disconnect it.

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The anti-theft on a 6006E is a clear plastic block inside a black sleeve, the radio shines light through from one side to the other to activate the radio.

It could be the anti-theft may be damaged or wobbling around blocking the light.

You could try cleaning the little lenses the light passes through too.

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