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Ford Focus Sport Burning Oil

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Hi all. New to the forum.

My 2006 Focus sport 1.8 petrol just failed a MOT today on emissions. It has been using a lot of oil recently but I thought that was due to a leaky rocker cover gasket. There is a lot of light blueish smoke from the exhaust once warmed up. So I'm guessing its burning oil, anyone know what could course this. My thoughts are head gasket but I hope not as I know that's a big job and my warranty from M53 Ford doesn't cover gaskets (typical !!!).

Thanks for the help.


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Unless there is oil and water mixing, I doubt it will be the head gasket. What is the mileage?

It sounds like worn piston rings or valve seals are more likely the cause.

If its still under warranty I would take it back to the dealer and show them the failure sheet and get them to put it right.

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Cars done 61,000. Hopefully going into garage tomorrow. Warranty runs out in may. I just know what theses warrantys are like sometimes. Thanks for the reply

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