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Mondeo Tdci 2.2 155 Titanium X - Issues


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First post and here i am with an issue!

Bought a 2007 2.2 155 ti x this morning, test drove well for 30 minutes, bought it and then drove from london to swindon. On entering swindon i suddenly lost power when pulling away. At first it was speradic but as i got closer to home it became worse. When pulling away i seem to loose power, the engine then pulses a bit and i hear a tapping sound whilst quite a bit of white smoke appears. When i got home i fired it up, same result but now to the point where it stalls very easily. I got 3 months warranty with the car and spoke to the dealer who said take it to a garage and he will pay any costs to get it fixed. Are we talking injector / fuel pump / expensive job here?


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Probably the cheapest thing it could be is the head gasket - what's the coolant level like? Let the engine cool down overnight, then go for another run. If it's fine until the engine gets hot, my money is on the head gasket.

Could also be injectors, fuel pump underfuelling (glow plug light on?), maybe other stuff too.

Personally, if I was having problems even before I got it home, I'd be exercising my statutory right to a full refund.

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mmm yeah could be, it`s on the works parking at the moment so in the morning i`m taking it off to a garage to be looked at, fingers crossed it`ll make it there!

Spoke to the dealer, he`s happy to pay all costs but my worry is that if they get it sorted it`ll go again in another 2000-3000 miles, going by what i`ve read up on across the net, something along the lines of poss fuel system issues with steel fragments from a mis-manufacture of the fuel system. Injector issues where previous repairs have not been setup or coded properly. etc etc... Though apparently the 2.2 is not as much of a common faulter with this stuff but non the less it does suffer from them :(

I`ll update my progress tomorrow :)


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With the symptoms you describe

The most likely thing to go is the EGR valve - a Jag (x-type) one is cheaper (if you must have one) or you can stick a solid blanking plate up (yours is a Euro4 so the EML will come on, apart from that, car will run fine)

The injectors can go but even main dealers have been known to mis-diagnose these, (its the favorite thing for diesel/ injector specialists to fix ) the coding can "drift" over time so a high- milage car can often benifit from re-coding

you can have fuel delivery problems (the car prefers Ford or "quality" fuel filters) pumps can go too

the DMFs (dual mass flywheel) can break up and the metal swarf can interfere with the crank (position) sensor

the waterpump can fail and the seal on the shaft can fail/ leak (the waterpump is driven through a shaft from the power steering pump,)

Yours has an electronic actuator and VNT , the VNT mech can coke up/ sieze, and damage the motor/ circuts in the actuator

the turbo shaft/ seals can go too

Ive never heard of a head gasket going in one of these in all the years of owning/ tuning them and being on forums - even if you "roast " the engine the ECU detects (the temprature sensor is on the metal of the head, so if it runs dry it reads the actual temp of the head, not the coolant) it and it goes into limp mode - there is always a 1st time!

My money is on EGR the valve

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