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I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone else has experienced any problems with their Streetka like me. I bought my 03 Streetka last July and was over the moon with it although I did have to take it back to the garage to have some jobs done on it which were supposed to have been done before I picked it up. Anyway when I got it back it was fine up until about 4 months ago, since then the passenger door handle broke, then I cracked the back screen when I decided to take my roof down in the cold weather. Then I drove 200 miles only for the engine to cut out 1/4 mile from my house. The AA rescued me and diagnosed a faulty crank sensor. I have since had the handle replaced on the passenger door and am waiting to get the other repairs done. I now have other problems, my boot has decided to play up and only opens with the remote when it feels like it. When I tap the inside of the boot where I believe the solenoid to be then it starts working again for a while. There is quite a large gap between the drivers side back light and the bumper which concerns me as when it rains the water could get in there very easily. Also I've noticed that since this problem that the interior light doesn't always come on when I open the doors. Also my brakes have started making a clonking noise when I brake and also the car seems to vibrate slightly before the car has stopped stationary. I love my car but am so upset that I keep having problems with it. Has anyone else had similar problems? Especially with regards to the brakes. Any advise would be welcome.

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