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Blown Bulbs & Faulty Wireing?


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got told that my driver side rear light was out so one day tapped it slightly and it came back on, eventually the bulb went and i replaced it, few days later the passenger side front bulb went, replaced that, now the driver side front bulb has gone and both my rear lights are off unless i hit them.

any advice?


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sounds like you need to take out the bulb holder & disconnect the wire plug as they sometimes gum up and also check the bulb contacts as they degrade with age and damp.

i usually apply wd40 on all of the connections and make sure the contacts are clean. then refit bulbs etc and try the lights.

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Sounds like corrosion round the bulb contacts, as has been said before, remove the bulb holder and look for green gunge round the holders and where the wiring plugs into the holder.

Clean as required and refit

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