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Changing Mondeo Speedo Bulb

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not thst hard once the clocks are out. Think you have to move steering wheel down,remove plastic trim along fronts of clocks,then probabaly couple screws holding clocks in.disconnect multiplug & theyre out.

Every car Ive had has been the same procedure for removing em.cant see it being any different.

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Which bulb is it? The ones that provide the backlight of the little LCD panels are 286 bulbs, there's one behind each LCD panel, same type of bulb that illuminates the ring around the 12V cigarette lighter.

There are 4 no. 3watt wedge bulbs then that light the up the rest of the cluster itself, similar to sidelight wedge bulbs, but a 3watt version instead of 5watt.

Dead easy job, there are great guides with pics on Ford Wiki for this and for changing the dial faces.

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