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Ford Customer Relations Contact Details

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Relationship Centre: 020 3564 4444

Ford Credit Customer service Centre: 0845 712 5490

For Fleet specific enquires please contact the Ford Business Centre: 0845 723 2323 Ford Customer Services

Julie Reid,

Ford Customer Relationship Manager,

Ford Motor Company,

P.O. Box 7597,


NN11 1DL

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hello Julie,

I ordered a Fiesta titanium diesel in may this year.....sadly still waiting for delivery. delivery date has been changed three times. very disappointed; completely lost interest in new car. haven't had a ford for many years...new date 29th nov. gutted. Thought about cancelling advised £1300 cancellation fee. don't feel i have any voice due to small print. would value your response thanks

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Sandra, welcome to the forum.

I assume that the above information is to enable you to contact Ford. I doubt if they are on the forum ready to reply to you.

Has dealer explained to you why the delay? Possibly due to lots of orders.

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Hi Sandra,

As mentioned by Bill above, this is just providing you with information to contact the relevant department for advice and support. Drop them an email or contact the website as appropriate to get further advice.

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this is the email


name of md is andy barratt i have emailed them regarding my sat nav issue as dealership appears to be fobbing off and blaming delay on ford.

i would contact directly

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Be aware, this contact center is pretty useless. I have contacted them twice for technical issues/suggestions for software updates for future versions of Sync 3. I get more or less the same generic ''Your Ford dealer is better placed to help you, use below link to find them. Bye''. They havn't even read my email.


Does anyone know a senior staff member in that department?

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I’ve had several good experiences emailing Ford.  They typically won’t help with a dealer complaint or technical issue (call your dealer is the response I always get) but a generic question usually gets an answer. 

they answered with the actual engine serial number from the 3.5 L eco boost commercials and the nominal weight rating of the Ford F-150 (1000 lbs). 

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