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Fiesta Mk5 Heater Still Cold After Valve Change

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(Mk4 sorry)

Hi, last couple of days heaters been cold and coolant was leaking out of the heater valve.

Changed the heater valve today and still blowing cold air :mellow: checked all inlet and outlet pipes for kinks and leaks etc still nothing.

Going to try and see if the fuse has blown for the valve but not a clue which it is.

Theres no wetness on the passenger side, plenty of coolant, but the heaters do smell 'smokey' when running.

Any other suggestions?


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it could be a voltage supply problem, put an electrical tester at the hcv plug and as you turn the heat control the voltage should go from 12volt to 0 volt.

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Thanks for the reply although this is more serious now.

After posting I went to pick up my girlfriend and had to stop on the hard shoulder as there was smoke covering the screen from the bonnet and coming through the heaters.

One of the pipes from the heater control valve blew off also (tightly secured), had to drive it about 5 miles to get home stopping every 5 mins to let it cool down.

On the way back every time I pressed the accelerator there was a 'grinding' noise and when I changed gear also :( and finally as I got home the temperature light came on, theres no gauge on my model.

Any idea? Thanks

I'm suspecting Head Gasket is gone but who knows :mellow: :( :(

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