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Escort Xr3I Help Please


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I think iv blown the head gasket :(

well I fitted a strut brace and a open air filter on my ford escort xr3i its got a 4 into 1 manifold and exhaust I don't know if the car been tuned or what but it is very fast for a 1.6 i took the car for a drive when i was driving i shot off in 2 just as i changed gear in to 3 i herd like a little pop i dint think owt of it then i was driving normal for abit then all off a sudden the car started to smoke really bad it was that bad i got pulled by a unmarked ford focus st police car lol i had to have the car recovered by the AA.

when i start the car up cold it does not smoke soon as it gets warm its starts to smoke really bad its white smoke what's coming out what could this be im guessing it could be the head gasket any help would be great thanks and its quite hard to start up aswell

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Sounds like it's blown a piston ring, or rings, if you know someone with a compression tester have it done, if it's down on one pot then that's where your trouble is.

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Keep an eye on all the fluid levels (oil, coolant etc) keep the oil topped up if you can - see if there is a lot of pressure in the coolant system, and if there is oil in the coolant or water in the oil,

What does the white smoke smell like?

is the car overheating?

Its not a good idea to run with an open inlet - the engine could run lean (possible problems - overheating, flat spots,damage to cat (if it has one) melted plugs, exhaust valves and even holed pistons in extreme cases(not common in road cars))

On a modern car the fuel would be increased to balance the extra air, im not sure if the xr can do this, or increase the fuelling enough to prevent it running lean

Also bore wear as grit sand/ small stones may get in the motor

Whip the plugs out and have a look at the colour, are they all the same colour? are they black, white, or a shade of brown or gray - take a picture and post them up here

Edit - yes could be worn rings/ bores - take the crankcase breather off and see if there is exessive pressure and oily spray coming from the crankcase (caused by piston blow-by)

this would show up on the plugs anyway, though

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thanks guys its not over heating and its using coolant or oil I am gunna make a start onit it today and start to strip the engine down I am hoping it is the head gasket and nothing else

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