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Hi new to forum & after advice ,

Have a 2004 1.8 Focus Zetec TDCI ,About a month ago had problems with starting so called AA who managed to start with quick-start but advised me to take to a Diesel Specialist , As I have parts & labour cover i thought no problem take to a main dealer as it is covered up to £500 !! They had the car for approx 3 weeks & replaced battery, high pressure pump & one injector & said that a further could need replacing but I had run out of money & patience by then ,Oh & grand total was £500 for the AA plus an extra £1265 for me .

Needless to say since then I have not filled the tank fully due to lack of cash but have filled with £30 on several occasions , well until this evening when i stuck £50 in , after about 15 miles the car has now developed what i can only describe as a misfire , sounds rough runs rough engine management (glow plug) light flashing until restart ? Before i take it back to the Main dealer in the morning can anyone advise what they think the problem could be please

Thanks in advance


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HI there im a part time car mechanic but full time Plant mechanic. With the engine managment light flashing the Ecu must be picking up a fault in the fuel managment system. You say they replaced 1 Injector out of the 4 ? When we replace injectors We replace them as a set becouse you are garanteed to have problmes 1 to 4 months down the road. What i would do is make them plug a Diagnostic tool and see what the Engine managment says. If all is ok and fault still present all Injectors will have to be removed and taken to be tested. Has the fuel filter been changed recently ?

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Totally agree, often the simplest answer of checking/changing the fuel filter gets overlooked.

Ford diesels seem very sensitive to filter clogs.

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