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Price Of Rail Pressure Control Regulator


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hi just had my car fixed was a major chew on as the problem took a while to find

the car would only start when cold,even a Drive to the shops and i'd need to wait a couple of hours or would not start.

had glow plugs changed then crank sensor then cam sensor after that they tested injectors they were fine.

finally found the problem was the - rail pressure control regulator - apparently its part of the fuel pump

now i am not a car man at all this info is just what i was told

my question is - they charged me £325 + vat = just short of £400 FOR THE PART NOT LABOUR ETC

when i looked u can buy the entire fuel pump for less.



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If I'm gleaning the correct information from your post, what you're actually referring to is either the fuel pump regulator or the fuel pressure regulator.

The fuel pressure regulator is mounted on the fuel rail which is on top of the engine and not part of the fuel pump and would require a full rail replacement, even though the regulator looks like it will just screw off/on it is not recommended.

The fuel pump regulator is part of the fuel pump and mounted into the top of the fuel tank, even from eBay the part is about £120 and as the tank will need to be dropped to gain access a fair bit of labour will be incurred.

Has the work been completed already and did you use Ford for the work?

TBH I'd say if it was the rail they replaced then you could have got the job done much cheaper, if it was the fuel pump regulator that was replaced I'd have expected to pay £400 for parts and labour.

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