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Escort Mark 4 Advice

Steven L

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I would appreciate some advice. I have an E reg Escort(1988) 1.3L popular 3 door with approx 80,000 genuine miles that has been in the family since new. I inherited the car from my wifes grandad so there is a strong sentimental attachment. The car is SORN and has been in a rented garage for the last year. I have all the service records, MOT's etc. The bodywork requires some very minor attention, no welding or anything like that. In the next couple of months I will need to decide whether to keep the car long term and when time and money allows give her the tlc she deserves. Does anyone know roughly how much the car might be worth? I have done some research and prices seem to really vary. I am aware that in a few years time the car might be possibly considered a modern classic. I would really appreciate peoples opinions as to what I should do with the car. As it is costing me a reasonable amount per month to keep the car in storage my head is telling me one thing and my heart is telling me another! Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Minted your looking a couple of grand at the minute. But ive seen tidy, but needing examples fetch a couple at auction depends on who's there on the day.

I assume its got the OHV engine?? If so really cheap and simple to recon the engine

Bodywork wise, aslong as its not pear like (rotten) id treat it as a labour of love, a hobby, and do it properly. remove all the rust dings etc and repaint and do it properly. Granted it wont repay your investment just yet, but in 5 - 10 years it will, so the better the restoration the better for your wallet.

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