Auto Electricians In The Newcastle Upon Tyne Area

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I have an intake fan fault (I have been told there's a crack on it) in my ford focus 1.6 2001 car. Makes a din and cuts out when it does which is especially bad when the air con is being used. As the weather is improving and getting warmer I can tell I'll be requiring this feature quite soon. What I'm really after is a trustworthy auto electrician who can do the job reliably and not charge the earth. So does anyone know any such folk in the Newcastle area? I could possibly travel up to 15 miles to get the job done. I need this by next Thursday, as that's when I've got a break from work.

Thanks in advance,


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Unfortunately I dont have the details of the guy my folks used anymore, but there are always a few. Its always worth phoning around and asking for an estimate, also see how many will come out and quote you.

Always insist in the event of uncertainty that you will only pay for parts that prove to resolve the issue, and in the event that they replace something "unnecessary" and then try to charge for it, you have already stated your terms.

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