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New Mondeo Estate Purchase Info Required Please


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Ive just brought myself a mondeo estate zetec 2002 diesel and just wanted to see if there any problem in this car that i shoukld be weary of.

The only thing i have noticed is that this car sounds really loud for a diesel but is it just me.. it my first diesel and well dont they all sound loud?

many thanks

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a few common faults are

water ingress to passenger footwell through the scuttle panel over the polen filter

failing aux belt tensioner, will make a drumming noise at idle

duel mass flywheels can fail and often take the starter motor with it due to the iron fileings that clog it up

egr valve and manifold can become clogged but can be removed and cleaned or blanked completley

delphi injectors can fail or lose there coding at any time giving all sorts of running problems

rear calipers can stick, can sometimes be cured by a good strip and clean

the bonnet lock can break, replacement means drilling holes into the grill behind badge.

as i say just a few common issues.

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You say drumming... At idle I seem to get a kind of hunting and the engine seems to shake

And a kind of tinny rattle when going through the revs sometimes

Any ideas?

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