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Dtc#01A19A What Does This Mean?

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Hi all,

I've accessed the secret menu on my focus today and found on the menu "DTC#01A19A"

Is this an actual fault code or was it always there and I've just noticed it?

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could be P0119 erratic temperature?

I've never saw the temp gauge go over the half way line.

But after long journeys (2hrs) before I reach my destination,

I turn off the A/C and put the fan to full heat,

Blowing on face&feet position

At speed 4

This quickly removes heat from the engine and you can see the temp needle dropping as result.

But when you switch off the fan;

The gauge will quickly rise to mid way normal running temp again.

Perhaps by me doing this rapid heat removal from the engine; I have triggerd what we assume to be the meaning of code: "DTC#01A19A"

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could well be, I just dont understand why its shoved random A's in there :p

Perhaps its got turrets

Or can't think of the symbol required so it keeps saying "A"


Going to ford next week for a service,

Will be interesting to see what they say about it,

Was last serviced with them the day before the Zs body went on it,

So they haven't saw the car with exhaust,body kit, wheels, colour coded engine bay, hydraulic bonnet or grills,

The exhaust fitter give it an oil change before remap and I changed induction filter so I didn't need to bring it to ford until now,

Their going to lower it and service it next week.

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I anticipate, you may well give them a heart attack when the tech fails to recognise it as the same car :lol:

I am a bit disappointed with my local dealer, when I dropped my motor in last week, I also asked them to take a look at the permalit trip computer and they dont appear to :(

oh well...

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