Mondeo Mk3 Clutch Pedal Assembly

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Please Help,

I have a 54 plate mondeo MK3 TDCI and i have a floppy clutch pedal.

I had my clutch replaced about 6000 miles ago and the clutch medal was about 1inch higher than the brake pedal, garage said nothing was wrong as it was self levelling, but then it dropped down to normal level after about 4000 miles but found the white piston that holds the return spring into place had snapped and a temp repair was done, this has now snapped and i bought a replacement pedal assembly off ebay but is missing this spring, Ford says this part only comes as part of the whole assembly for £189 which i find hard to believe.

Can anyone else shed some light on this for me please.


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]what piston? the master cylinder?? think it is this,you mean. goto GSF or motor factors. & buy one for about (cant remember now)£80 quid. piece o !Removed! to fit. 3 nuts,1 clip(inside),(outside on bulkhead-2clips,bung pipes,pedal comes out with master cylinder,change it,put back.

oh just remembered,I have a spare thats like brand new I can sell you.(no leaks etc,all seals are great)

is this the part you need?

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