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Do I Keep My Mondeo 4X4 Or Sell It

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Hi I recently bought a Mondeo 4x4 as i know these cars are very rare but now I seem to be stuggling to find parts for it like front springs and shocks. Does anybody know of any other springs and shocks that will fit it?

I quite like the car and I am even considering selling my pride and Joy my e36 convertible to keep this car and restore it due to its rarity.

I would also Like to get a mk1 rs kit for it as being the hatchback model it is very plain.

Any body else here got a 4x4 or some parts they wish to part with?

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Well this question was answered for me as it did not sell.

So I will be keeping the Mondeo 4x4 and building a Zetec turbo with it.

Any build threads on here that you would recommend?

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There are a few different build threads in the new projects / builds section, not seen too much of a detailed nature as you are looking to get to though.

As for the parts, surely normaly mondeo parts for the most part (springs etc) should work perfectly fine?

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I thought the same thing the front springs are probably the same as the fwd mk1 Mondeo

Identical parts may have different part no.s to disguise thier origin - the 4x4 Jaguar x-type may use some of the same parts as well- there is a member (moderator?) of another forum that ran a 4x4 16v mk1 for years, perhaps he can help you with advice/ where to get parts (i hate reffering to other forums sites) - its called talkfraud (or something tike that :lol: )

There is someone who has transplanted a 5-pot 2.5 Turbo ST225/ RS/ Volvo engine into a mk 1/2 Mondeo 225Hp out of the box, 280+ just with a remap and potentially 350+Hp with a bit more work - this may be a more cost- effective way to get more power in the long run (depending what your goals are)

Again hate mentioning other sites but there is one called passionfraud (or something similar :lol: ) that has a lot of build threads / engine swaps etc and a lot of members with highly modified cars etc

You could start a build thread on here (there is a new "build thread" section) perfect for you, it won't get lost amongst all the 400+ Hp Cosworths and you won't get the jealousy/ "bitching" that seems to go on on other Car sites/ forums (this is a "nice" site - with genuine Ford/ car/ modification enthusiasts :) )

+ you would enhance / boost the build thread & site with your rare/ intresting build

Im glad you decided to keep your 4x4, good luck with the build, looking forward to reading about it/ seeing how you get on!

here is mine -


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