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Hi Can I Ask A Question About Towing


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I want to buy a catering trailer

its at preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/107823442/catering-vehicle-14-x-7ft-with-style.html

What I need to know is will my car be able to handle it.

I have a 2 litre diesel Mondeo estate titanium model

Not sure if you need any other data (sorry I'm not very knowledgeable about cars)


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It all depends on the weight of the trailer, the mondy could probably manage it, but after a while you'd end up pulling the guts out of it, i'd suggest something like a tranny van, it's got the weight and torque to pull it, plus the added advantage of being able to carry all the supplies you should need

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Thanks for the reply.

I feared that might be the case.

I don't really want to have two great big lumps out in the front drive ( van and trailer)

So I might instead look at a catering van instead of a trailer


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