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2013 Ford Focus After Market Head Unit


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Hi Guys

Has anybody fitted, or got experience of these sat nav head units to replace

standard head units, for the price I'm tempted but wary of buying outside UK


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They are probably on the same sort of lines as you can find on here about the Mk2 versions , just different designs , i have looked at them myself as design wise they look like the MFT Us versions , i have seen some post's regarding people who have fitted them with a range of posts saying they work well with the seering wheel controls and some that don't work so well. There is a UK site selling some which are double the price of the Ebay versions and "Claim" to work well with the Steering controls , but ! they would still have come from abroad i would imagine.

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I've looked at these systems but the perceived quality puts me off a lot! I believe there are now android based ones on the market though instead of the rubbish windows based ones so might be worth seeing what operating system it is before you go for it.

I just went from the standard Zetec stereo to the Sony from a Titanium and love it. If you have the Sony in your Titanium, I doubt those Chinese units could match the quality.

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I think if i was to go for one of these it would be the Android version , just so i could have Torque Pro on the screen lol.

Is it worth the sound quality loss , probably not.

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