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Few Problems With My Old Mondy

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Hi all its been a while since I been on here, but I recently got my old mondeo back (I traded cars with my mum as she didn't like having a big car and I wanted it back till December when I will have the money for a ST 220 TDCI)

I have a Y reg mondeo 2.0 petrol duratourq

I figured I got some problems with my car that are niggling me.

The list of problems are and any help with just one of the problems would be great.

I need a new fuel filter Im sure I read that is at the back of the car but some people suggest its in the engine bay.

I plan on changing the rear bushes and the front bushes as they are beginning to squeak with some poly ones as I've heard allot of good information about them so I just wanted to know if it was a worth getting them?

The rear diver side door doesn't unlock/lock with the central locking it will lock/unlock if you flick the switch (on the door above the handle) I wanted to know if this was a common fault and if there was a way to fix it?

I plan on changing the disks and pads (all round) the front driver side is a little warped under heavy-ish breaking it shudders a little (nothing alarming) its just from having bad wheel bearing's (which got replaced as part of the agreement when I swapped cars)

whist im doing that im going to change the brake hoses and paint the calipers (either black or silver not chavy orange or something :P)

My last question is I want to clean the engine just give it a bit of TLC is there any thing I should do to protect the components I plan on doing it the hard way with the brush not a hose pipe so I will be avoiding getting the ECU and battery e.c.t wet.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help given :)

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the fuel filter is under car near the tank on passengers side.polly bushes ok but more expensive depends if ya mum getting car back after or selling it on. as for back door could be simple like water in the connection on the lock or the lock motor it self about 10 to 20 quid dwn breakers......just be carefull of coil pack leads and any sensor connections if your brushing it down.

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