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Ford Escort 1995 Won't Start When Hot


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I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem: the starter won't turn when the car is hot. The starter is new, I believe it is all right. I have had the battery checked and it is supposed to be all right too. Under different testing conditions symptoms vary: for instance on a couple of occasions after a long run when the car would not start I would disconnect the spark plug leads and the starter would turn fine. Then I would connect the leads back and the car would start again! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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basicly looking at starter circuit, the fact you get nothing when car is hot tends to point to a wiring break/poor connection.

you mention new starter, was this renewed before or after symptoms. just because its new dont disregard it.

check all battery connections for cleanliness/tightness

check all earth connections/leads, pay particular attention to earth lead coming from battery, and engine block to chassis.

check condition of ignition switch on back of ignition/steering lock, check for any signs of overheating/blacking on this plastic switch.

check your ignition relays...would need to know model/transmission to look up relevent relay locations.

check starter solenoid connections, if possible, check ignition wire is getting a signal when starter isnt turning, if it is then looking at starter/battery/leads problem, if it isnt then looking at sweitch/relay/wiring problem

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