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Dpf Replaced But Still Going Into Limp Home Mode

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hi need some help or advice as getting to a point of having enough

Have a 08 mondeo 2.0 tdci

3weeks ago it went into safe mode was towed to garage and was told that the dpf was not regen. the ford garage then tried to regen the dpf only for the system to crash and shut down.

was asked to leave it so that they could try again the next day. they did and failed told me that the bulk head sensor had gone and that this may resolve the problem.

it did not when after fitting a new sensor they tried to regen it came back and told them that the dpf was full. but was ok to drive home as was 100 miles away from my local garage.

returned home had a new dpf and another sensor fitted only for the fault to return. Took it to my local ford dealer so that they could regen i and tell the ecu that it has a new filter on was charged again for this and told that the dpf was faulty.

Had this replaced again under warranty (had to pay for the fitting) and within 4 miles is doing it again.

Have now been told by the ford dealer that the can take it back in and they will only charge me another £65 to have it diagnosed again and that if it does not work then will have to get a original ford dpf fitted as this is a common problem with buying the non ford parts that the computer does not recognize them.

Is this right if so why was i not told this at any stage by the 2 ford garages.... Please help

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although there is no way of knowing if this is whats at fault.

agree that aftermarket dpf's often cause problems, not just fords but any make.

i dont deal with dpf replacements anymore as they are just one big headache, leave it to others...but from past experience, non originals often either dont work from the off, or fail very early, plus doesnt help when trying to claim back on warranty is the proverbial blood from stone

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